About Us

Blackstone Group is a full service firm offering Engineering Services Outsourcing in Project execution,coordination,Design and engineering Software Systems. A Team of well-qualified engineers and consultants has the necessary experience and the background to provide such services to all types of clients. State-of-the-art computer equipment and software for speed and accuracy support their work.


The Blackstone Group is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its clients in a timely manner. We strive to help our clients produce their products more efficiently and cost effectively. We form a partnership with our clients to thoroughly explore their needs and processes and then design the best solution to produce the best result.


The Blackstone Group understands the sensitive nature of its clients’ work and therefore maintains a high level of confidentiality and security.


The Blackstone Group prides itself on rigorous standards for quality control. Our experienced staffs of engineers and consultants continually review and update our procedures to maintain a strong emphasis on this most important aspect of our work.


Blackstone Group Technologies Pvt. Ltd., having its registered office at Ambattur Estate, Chennai – 600 058 is a 100 % EOU firm registered under the Software Technology Parks of India, Chennai providing services in Engineering Design and Software Systems. The Company has ambitious plan to expand its existing business in the Engineering Services Outsourcing and also to increase Information Technologies with a specific focus on B2B -commerce. The company has a team of well-qualified Analysts and consultants who have the necessary experience and the background to provide software services to clients. The company has the required computer equipment, software and other infrastructure for the execution of the above projects.


We are registered with

  • Software Technologies Parks of India,
  • Registrar of Companies India